Gaining Recognition for Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

Having a badly designed website is like turning on the radio and hearing a terrible song – what do you do? You instantly change the station and find something else. There are millions of songs out there that can make your drive from home to work enjoyable, and there are millions of websites residing across the internet that can give you the products and services you need. So if it’s not up to scratch, people will find what they want somewhere else.

Ranking high on a natural search listing for Google helps your website to gain the good recognition it needs. But, to do this effectively there’s two essential ingredients you need to implement – firstly, staying relevant. This means having fresh and interesting topics posted on a regular basis (not every 6 months when you finally find a spare 10 minutes). The second factor to be considered is your site’s reputation through consumer’s eyes. We delve into some hot tips to make sure your website is getting the attention it deserves, like a great song or artist.1. The Greatest Songs are Fresh, Catchy and Optimized

The importance of a good reputation is comprised of content (whether it is the words to the song or the information on your website) that is relevant, up-to-date and enticing to a crowd that feeds from it. Like with anything tempting and good, people will keep coming back for more.

To effectively work hand in hand with this, your content should be optimized to ensure it doesn’t go unnoticed. Like songs for radio and record companies, your website content also needs to be optimized for major search engines like Google (SEO). Keep you keywords and headings relevant, your anchor texts natural and your posts regular (ideally fortnightly or monthly).

A good starting point for creating fresh, optimized content is to start with a small niche and work your way to broader and hard-to-handle topics.

It’s vital to remember the relationship between your website’s reputation and social media. Regardless of whether some of us want to admit it or not, social media sites have proved to have their own effectiveness for building business reputations. Whilst it may not always be ideal – gone are the days for casual phone calls and business lunches – now everyone is jumping online to get their social fix.

Start by hosting a Facebook page for your business to promote your website on. With over 800 million active Facebook users, your audience is vast and untapped in social media. Learning to gain clientele with efficient and regular updates that appeal to your audience and drive them to you site is essential if you want to embrace this free networking opportunity. Sharing content, posting your own and external linking will get you noticed and help boost your websites traffic.3. They Also…Listen to the Community

Whilst, your utilizing social media networking sites, take note of what your audience is talking about. What do they want to see (or hear)? What are their needs and wants? Find the marketing and communications gaps and fill them. It doesn’t always have to be the socially acceptable approach – think outside the box. Taking a different direction on hot topics or issues can create a huge buzz and have people debating it from all angles.4. …Run Competitions

Every radio station runs competitions, so do most bands and artists, and even the occasional record company. Why? We all love freebies, and in a world where prices go up on goods and services every day – we’re all going to jump at the opportunity.

Running a competition on your website is significantly beneficial to your Google analytics stats. Regardless of what it is, it will attract more users to your website and give them an opportunity to work their own magic to receive something back.5. …And Share the Love

Things that are great get shared. Timeless artists and songs are played across all radio stations and video channels, and content that is appealing is re-posted onto other websites and social media networks.

The more times your content gets shared, the more this links people back to your website and in a term, gains your brand credibility. But, we can’t just rely on other people all the time to share our good work – sometimes you need to go out there and do it yourself (without being too self-promotional of course!).

This is when guest blogging is extremely useful. Submitting articles to high profiled websites can help you “borrow” an audience that is already established and in the same field. Make sure you include an author bio with your website so people can find your site for more on-topic and interesting information.Timeless Songs and Great Websites

When your website has a good reputation, you’re not only seen as a credible source by your target market but also by Google. People love to link back to those they consider to be experts, so getting authentic sources to link back to your profiles this is even better. In a music lover’s eyes their “expert” is their favorite artist, imagine what you can do with a great brand and reputable website?