SEO Writing Tips & Techniques

SEO Content should be Keyword Optimized, Reliable, and Relevant. Most of the writing online is typically content for SEO purposes. This type of writing makes use of keywords and keyword phrases to elevate your website’s ranking if it is searched on the Internet. Content is important for rankings and must not only be optimized but […]

International SEO – How to Prevent Common Mistakes

If going global is on the agenda for your company in 2016, then one of the main areas you will need to look at in order to make it a smooth and successful operation is international SEO. It’s quite possible that you or your team have it down to a tee in your own country, […]

Gaining Recognition for Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

Having a badly designed website is like turning on the radio and hearing a terrible song – what do you do? You instantly change the station and find something else. There are millions of songs out there that can make your drive from home to work enjoyable, and there are millions of websites residing across […]